St Michael and All Angels Church was 38 years old when the first world war started. In and around the church there are memorials with the names of 140 men and women that died in the war and were somehow connected to the church and/or the local area. Little was known of who these people were or how they lived, served or died.

The research into who these individuals are and their stories has taken over 4 years, a lot of man hours in front of personal computers, national and local archives and trips to visit graves in the UK and on the Somme.

As a result of this research, we have learned a lot about how the individuals and the local community were affected by the human cost of the war. We have been able to put a local perspective on international history. The skills that we have used to undertake this research are accessible for all to use and your pupils will be able to use these transferable skills to undertake their own research.